Partners and Sponsors

Collaboration and Partnership

Would you like to collaborate with us? At STWE, we’d like to join forces with like-minded companies and organizations to inspire sustainability, resilience and healthy businesses across the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to popularize, offer and increase access to inspiring, affordable, and relevant sustainability training and support to women entrepreneurs.

Our team and affiliates are highly skilled in stakeholder and employee engagement, strategic sustainable development planning, and participatory process toward sustainable development.

We’d like to partner with:

• Medium to large businesses interested in embedding sustainability into their intrapreneurship or employee empowerment programs
• Corporate foundations seeking to broaden their current women’s empowerment programs and encompass women’s sustainable entrepreneurship
• Venture capital and angel investor groups
• Innovation  and entrepreneurship centers
• Traditional women’s business development centers
• Higher education business, entrepreneurship and sustainability programs
• Management consulting firms with traditional business, diversity & inclusion, anti-corruption, ethical business, human rights, supply chain, sustainability data management, behavioral change or women’s empowerment expertise

How can we join forces to achieve our mission and goals and help you achieve yours?

Contact us and let’s brainstorm on how we can collaborate.

Here are our partners and sponsors and those who have helped us in so many ways.

Consulting Services

When you use our consulting services, you support Scale it Up! Sustainability Training for Women Entrepreneurs (STWE)  because profit from our consulting work goes toward our nonprofit program.

Conversely, when you become a corporate sponsor of STWE, one of the benefits you can take advantage of is our inhouse consulting and also participation of one of your employees in our intensive workshops. See our Corporate Sponsorship Proposal for details.

We work with companies, organizations, and partners to help them develop strategic sustainability (triple-bottom-line) and stakeholder engagement plans by:

• helping them develop a sustainability vision and facilitating a backcasting planning process and plan to achieve that vision
• creating programs that drive strategic thinking, planning and action toward sustainable development
• designing and facilitating stakeholder and employee engagement through interactive and inclusive sessions and workshops
• devising balanced and compelling sustainability communications

First, we ask many questions. Services are then specifically tailored based on your answers, challenges, goals, needs and values. You’ll be inspired and challenged to embed sustainability into your vision and strategy to achieve high levels of success.

We use a strategic backcasting planning process. Methods of engagement are participatory.


Donate to or Sponsor STWE and its Programs

Scale it Up! Sustainability Training for Women Entrepreneurs is a nonprofit program that equips women with the knowledge and skills to build triple-bottom-line businesses in markets where balanced environmental, social and economic sustainability are increasingly valued.

We’ve got an ambitious mission: to popularize and increase access to inspiring, affordable and relevant sustainability strategy training for women starting businesses.

Our program’s fiscal sponsor is StratLeade Sustainability Education Inc., a U.S. based 501(C)3 nonprofit organization located in Massachusetts.

Any level donation is welcome!

Donations via PayPal are greatly appreciated! Please make your PayPal donation to our non-profit account,

To donate by check or money order, please make payable to:

StratLeade Sustainability Education, Inc.,” provide a note stating that your contribution is for STWE, and send to: P.O. Box 5408, Gloucester, MA 01930-0006.

We seek:

• In-kind donations like sustainably-sourced food or space for our programs
• Funds for scholarships for women entrepreneurs to attend our training
• Operational and program support and funding