Vivien Führ

EU Program Development and Germany Affiliate

Founder and Managing Director of agado – association for sustainable development has provided sustainability trainings, workshops and consultancy services for local authorities, public institutions, private companies, schools and households since 2001. She develops and implements programmes for behavior change and has advised numerous local authorities, public institutions and private companies on sustainable procurement strategies. Vivien holds a Master in Environmental Law from the Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris.

Pinar Oncel

Turkey Affiliate

Pinar is a designer, a change agent and creative facilitator. She focuses on developing collaborative projects for local initiatives, companies and any organization pursuing resilience and transformation. She designs and facilitates sustainability trainings, co-design processes and capacity building workshops for multi stakeholder groups. She co-initiated the Sustainable Living Film Festival and to raise awareness about sustainability challenges of our time and inspire individuals to become change makers. She is the CEO of Sarıyer Entrepreneur Women Cooperative; which is supporting women in the region with various projects. Pınar graduated from Industrial Design Department of Middle East Technical University and holds a Msc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Tina Sieber

Canada Affiliate

Tina is based in Vancouver, Canada, from where she works remotely as a tech editor and project management instructor. Following a brief career as a biologist in Berlin, Germany, she obtained a M.Sc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from BTH in Karlskrona, Sweden. She has since co-organized sustainability-minded workshops and a science conference. Between 2014 and 2017, she collaborated in the EU project “Entrepreneurship in the Emerging Paradigm”. In 2016, she co-founded Trekstones, a Berlin-based startup for supporting academics in their personal and professional development. Christina likes to spend her spare time outdoors, gardening or hiking in the woods and mountains.

Charlotte Asiedu

Ghana Affiliate

Charlotte is an entrepreneur and a mother with strengths in team leadership, researching, and teaching. She holds a first M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering-Quality & Environmental Management; a second MSc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, a BSc. Chemical Engineering and a diploma in Strategic Management. She enjoys learning and is currently pursuing a diploma in Education. Her consultancy firm (Stratek Consult) assists organizations and SMEs to grow their business. Charlotte is also the founder of Pure Ice Ventures- a company which exports fruits from Ghana to Europe. Her expertise includes: Environmental Risk Assessment, Environmental Management Systems, Entrepreneurship, Quality Assurance & Quality Management, Process Engineering and Strategic planning for Sustainability. Charlotte loves helping the marginalized, dancing, spending time with her adorable kids, traveling and embarking on enterprising and fulfilling adventures.

Patricia Guimaraes

Brazil Affiliate

Patricia is a resident of Sao Paulo, the largest city in the beautiful country of Brazil. She has degrees in Business Administration and Architecture/Urban Planning. Patricia is passionate about sustainable development and began her career 20 years ago working as a landscape planner for the Sao Paulo State Environment Department. Here she worked on a project for macro-zoning the northern coast of Sao Paulo State. In addition, she designed a model for self-sustainable settlement for coastal areas of Sao Paulo State. Since 1994 she ran a company providing architectural design services and environmental consultancy. After attending the M.Sc. program Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Blekinge, Sweden, she started her own company, Sustent-E, delivering sustainability at a corporate level. She loves sustainable design products and green buildings and her interests include arts, human behaviour, archeology and outdoor life. She loves the ocean and is an outrigger paddler, belonging to the SPVAA Master Female Team.

Telma Gomes

Sweden Affiliate

Telma hails from Brazil but now lives in Sweden. With a master’s degree in Strategic Leadership for Sustainability from BTH – she has led several innovative projects. Telma co-founded the “One Future, One Planet” international initiative, creating a global dialogue involving 8 different countries and co-developed WIESD -Women at Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development. ” From Brazil, Telma brings in an MBA in Management in Social Entrepreneurship, and professional experience of more than 20 years in large multinational corporations within multiple industry sectors. In 2008, she took over the Institutional Relations Department of the municipality of Jaguariúna, Brazil, acting at the municipal, state and federal levels. There, she developed a project to inspire women to take strategic decision-making positions. What moves her? The aspiration to take part in a paradigm shift that involves individuals, communities, businesses and governments, to transform “local” and “global” into innovative, sustainable and prosperous societies, and to be a dedicated mother to her son, Lucas, a loving wife and a fully-empowered woman to create positive impact towards the future we all want.

Isabella Wagner

Austria Affiliate

Isabella is a professional Coach & Trainer based in Austria. She has two Master’s Degrees (Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability; Energy and Environmental Management) and gained valuable work experience in Strategic Sustainability Management and Organizational Development, while working and studying in five different countries with several organizations. SInce 2012 she has been gaining additional expertise in the fields of personal development, training and pedagogy. In her work with children, youth and adults she uses the skills of horses. Horses have the ability to show us how our thinking and feeling impacts the world around us and how we can change our behavior in order to reach desired results. They teach us how to move beyond our current reality into a greater level of consciousness and union with all. In this work Isabella combines her 25 years of horse experience with her desire to effectively help organizations and individuals thrive on this planet.

Aninha Lugo

Spain Affiliate

With her background in engineering and a passion for sustainability, Aninha studied at a graduate level Innovation Management and Business Development, Renewable Energy, and Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, Social Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility and has studied, worked and volunteered in innovative and multicultural environments across three continents, for public and private companies in diverse sectors. She is passionate about project management in challenging contexts that require creativity as well as to inspire individuals, organizations and governments in the shift towards a more sustainable way of living and working.