When you come to Scale it Up! Sustainability Training for Women Entrepreneurs’ programs, we equip you with the knowledge and skills to build successful businesses for markets where environmental and social sustainability are increasingly valued.


A Note from Reed

Scale It Up! Sustainability’s Founder

While working in Sweden and Germany, I met many women who have dreams to build their own businesses and who deeply care about their community, the planet and future generations.  I also began to interview amazing women entrepreneurs who have started incredible ventures. This led to conducting a pilot of intensive weekend sustainability training workshops in Stockholm, Vienna and Munich for women – a fantastic experience.

My colleagues and I are dedicated to increasing access to sustainability strategy training for women entrepreneurs around the world that is culturally relevant and in the native language of each country or region. I’m very excited about where we’re headed with developing our programs.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer sustainability training  to women in Chicago in the United States and, at the same time, work with colleagues on finding funding for an international program that will bring programming to countries in the EU and Turkey.  We’re also involved in a proposal to bring sustainability strategy training to communities affected by Hurricane Irma.

Reed Evans

Program Director

Reed is founder and program director of the new nonprofit program, Scale it Up! Sustainability Training for Women Entrepreneurs and has provided sustainability strategy, engagement, training and communications services to companies in the private and public sector since 2007. She’s been a collaborating partner of Futerra Sustainability Communications in Stockholm, Agado Gesellschaft in Munich and TerraLocke Sustainability Consultants in Chicago. Reed has evaluated training programs for the Global Reporting Initiative and taught courses at the University of Applied Sciences and the Rachel Carson Center in Munich. Her degrees include a M.Sc. in Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, a M.A. in Teaching, National-Louis University, Chicago and a B.A. in Rhetoric, U.C. Berkeley.

Gabriela Boscio

Program, Brand and Market Advisor, and U.S. Facilitator

Gabriela was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and is bilingual in English and Spanish. She is the Climate Program Manager at the Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH) in East Boston, where she works on inclusive and community-based climate resilience planning. Prior to that, she was Communications and Education Manager at Second Nature, a nonprofit that works with higher education on climate commitments. She’s had several articles published on Greenbiz, and hosted an interview series titled “Sustainability Sit-Downs” for Second Nature. She has volunteered with a variety of nonprofits, and has training and certifications in Art of Hosting methods and Permaculture Design. She’s got a M.Sc. in Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability from BTH in Sweden and holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Studies from Northland College. In her free time, Gabriela enjoys drawing/crafting, reading, traveling, going on walks, and playing the ukulele.

Vivien Führ

EU Program Development

Founder and Managing Director of agado – association for sustainable development, has provided sustainability trainings, workshops and consultancy services for local authorities, public institutions, private companies, schools and households since 2001. She develops and implements programmes for behavior change and has advised numerous local authorities, public institutions and private companies on sustainable procurement strategies. Vivien holds a Master in Environmental Law from the Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris.

Deb Gray

Communications and Outreach Advisor

Deb is a marketing and strategy leader with experience launching products, developing brands, and collaborating to design new products and services. After receiving her MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, she held marketing roles and led innovation teams for a Fortune 500 firm. Deb left the corporate world to join a startup as Director of Marketing. She has taken courses in sustainable business practices and is a fan of brands that walk the talk in terms of sustainability and social good. Her current work involves consulting with B2B clients on marketing and customer experience projects. She loves hiking, biking, and sampling food truck fare.

Tina Sieber

Contributing Editor and Canada Affiliate

Tina is based in Vancouver, Canada, from where she works remotely as a tech editor and project management instructor. Following a brief career as a biologist in Berlin, Germany, she obtained a M.Sc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from BTH in Karlskrona, Sweden. She has since co-organized sustainability-minded workshops and a science conference. Between 2014 and 2017, she collaborated in the EU project “Entrepreneurship in the Emerging Paradigm”. In 2016, she co-founded Trekstones, a Berlin-based startup for supporting academics in their personal and professional development. Christina likes to spend her spare time outdoors, gardening or hiking in the woods and mountains.

The STWE Pilot Program

Weekend  intensive pilot workshops were conducted in Stockholm, Vienna, and Munich, partnering with the local Impact Hub in each city. Twenty-eight women entrepreneurs participated including Yara Yassin, who has since started Up-Fuse in Egypt with her business partner.

STWE’s 2017 Survey Results

STWE conducted a survey throughout 2017 to gather information about the sustainability  interests, knowledge level, and needs of women entrepreneurs. Below, under Information that We’d like to Share, you can download the results of the survey.

International Affiliates

Learn more about the Scale It Up! Sustainability! affiliates from around the world.

Transparent Operations

Scale it Up! Sustainability (SIU) is a Sole Proprietorship located in Chicago operated by STWE’s founder. SIU supports companies in their sustainability endeavors and develops programs and services for higher educational institutions, entrepreneurs and small businesses. SIU’s primary focus since 2016 is the development of Scale it Up! Sustainability Training for Women Entrepreneurs (STWE), a nonprofit program. The program’s Fiscal Sponsor is StratLeade Sustainability Education Inc., a U.S. based 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.

Here’s our current structure explained:

Through my sustainability reporting experiences, discussions with Kael Shipman, Founder of the Operations Institute, and inspiration from Buffer’s radical transparency position, STWE will be fully open about what we do and how we do it. As SIU and its programs develop, you’ll find that we are transparent about our evolving structure, sustainability policies, and our finances. This is going to be a work in progress. Updates may not be so often at the beginning because there’s too much to do, but if you are interested in an update and it’s not posted, please fill out our Contact Us form and ask!

We’re seeking partners, donors and sponsors to help make this program a success for the long term. Currently, start-up costs are being paid directly by SIU and work is being performed on a voluntary basis by SIU. This will be the case until we have revenues, donations or sponsorship funds that can begin to cover program and operational costs. Some consultants, professionals and interns have been paid to help out. When funds are secured, they will go through our fiscal sponsor and be used to fund STWE programs. As is typical with fiscal sponsorship relationships,, 5% will be retained by StratLeade for administrative costs.

SIU may provide sustainability strategy workshops and consulting services and other related workshops for higher educational institutions or private companies and may be paid directly for these services. A portion of the fees from this work will also go toward STWE startup costs, operations and STWE programs.

Information That We’d Like to Share: