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Helping women build triple-bottom line businesses

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Join the growing number of women entrepreneurs creating for-profit businesses with people and planet in mind. Our intensive programs equip you with knowledge, insight and skills to create a triple bottom line business.

• Integrate sustainability from day one
• Scale your business responsibly
• Be inspired by amazing entrepreneurs blazing the trail

Walking the Talk

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• Are you a woman entrepreneur, and want to start your own business or program
Are you developing a brand new product to bring onto the market?
Do you have an existing business and want to make it more sustainable as you grow?
Do you want to learn how to build a triple-bottom-line business and how it benefits you to do so?

Our practical, hands on and intensive programs allow women to take advantage of critical thinking skills and real-world approaches to building successful, sustainable startups. And STWE programs offer a forum for connection, a place where women entrepreneurs can meet, talk and plan together.

Walking the Talk Blog

This blog is about moving forward with passion and commitment. It’s about entrepreneurs who are taking on global and local sustainability challenges to make communities and the world a better place. There’ll be some pieces about innovation – about companies, products, services and also lifestyle choices that are more sustainable and very inspiring. And, yeah, there’ll be articles that look critically on how things are, with the hope that highlighting what’s wrong will spur entrepreneurial women to strive far beyond just better.

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